Grooming Services

Grooming Services

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All Breed Grooming is available for both dogs and cats. Pets do not need to be boarding with us to groomed. Please call ahead for an appointment.

Grooming Services Provided

Bathing, Nail Clip, Cleaning Ears, Flea and Tick Baths, Combing and Brushing, Matted Hair Removal, and Haircuts and Styles to Suit the Individual Breed.


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Prices vary by size and the amount of time needed to obtain the end result of a beautiful, nice smelling pet!! Small, Short Hair Breeds: $25.00-30.00 Medium Breeds $35.00 and UP Large Breeds $35.00 and UP Haircuts - Additional Cat Grooming - Short Hairs: $25.00 Long Hairs: $30.00 and Up